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Long wait!

My Oh and I are both ready to ttc number 2, BUT have to wait at least a year before we can!!! It seems ages as we have worked out things we need to do before we can try. I left my job when i had our little girl and need a permanent contract before maternity leave - hopefully sorted next summer and my OH needs a job! We have such a long wait and yet I cant stay off here reading through the trying for a baby page, so I decided to say hi here instead, how long have you all got to wait?


  • Hi Rache_g!

    I admire your patience! My husband and I are trying at the moment for our first, very exciting time!

    I hope your wait flies by and that you get your BFP when you want it image
  • same here. our son is now 4 months old and we want to tty number 2 some time second half of next year so at least 8 months or so away. already excited although i gotta say im not keen on the morning sickess and labour again lol!
  • So a few days closer and so much broodier, one of my best friends is now 12 weeks and sent me a really cute scan picture, i'm so happy for her shes been waiting to try for ages herself.

    CM87 how long have you been trying for? How are you finding the 2 week wait?

    JvLwithBabyBoy i had awful sickness too, all day long and the whole way through my pregnancy! i had a lovely labour though recorded as only 5 1/2 hours long. What was yours like?
  • I am going to try and wait at least another 10 months until we have paid off the majority of our debts...

    It's hard though, I am so broody and all I can think about are babies! A close friend of both mine and my hubby's had a baby last week and I think it kickstarted hubby's broodiness too!

    It's going to be hard to wait but I am going to concentrate on getting my body into a good 'babymaking state' in the meantime, eating healthier and trying to lose some weight.

    I have about 20lb to lose so am going to try and put all my broody energy into that!

    At least that way I feel like I am doing something towards getting pregnant without actually ttc!

    Have you got anything that you can do to take your mind off it?

  • Hey ladies,

    I must say it would be nice to have an early autumn (Sept/oct) baby. I have a little girl nearly one and would love for her to have a sis or bro to play with, however, I took a year of work and not yet gone back, I really don't know what I would tell my boss if I was pregnant again after just coming back. Am I being too people conscious?
  • Mrs Willoughby, for the whole wait to ttc number 2 my biggest goal is to save save save and whipe out debts, clear credit cards aim to be clear of them all by the time baby will be due ready for drop in pay for maternity leave!!! And down grading my beautiful but stupidly expensive car as soon as possible to save there aswell. And of course when i'm a super saver I'll be able to get an icandy strawberry!!!!!

    Giftuk1, I think if you can afford it and will still get mat pay, go for it! When do you go back? You could go back and get pregnant quickly after going back.

    Still ttc october 2012 if everything goes to plan!!!
  • Hi Rache g,

    I took a year of and will be going back in Jan, applied for a new job two weeks back which is perfect and with more pay. I and hubby have actually started to tcc this month so we are seeing how it goes. If all goes to plan with new job and falling as soon as possible then it will be a perfect 2012.
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