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Please help, need advice.

Sorry, I posted this in planning and was meant for here.

Hope you can help ladies.

I'm on month 2 of ttc. Have been bding almost every day through this fertile phase and I'm very confused. Been using boots ov tests for 7 days now and all negative. I'm getting ewcm and cramping and I should be ov around now. My worry is that the ewcm is slightly pink, or clear and streaked with a tiny amount of blood. This happened last month too.

Any advice or ideas?



  • Hi,

    Some people get some spotting around ov time which is perfectly normal.

    Your ticker says your 3 days from ov so u prob won't get a positive test till 2 days before so don't worry too much about tests - I never got a positive one but blood tests showed I was ovulating.

    Good luck x
  • My ticker is wrong, I'm going by the app on my phone which says ovulation was yesterday and is based on averages from past few months. Why do we spot around ov?
  • Have changed ticker accordingly
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