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coming off cilest


i have been a member on here for a while as i misscarried a couple of years ago after an unplanned preg.

any how, have been enjoying last 2/3 years - happy same relationship, bought house etc. I went to the dr's last month and they said, to cut long story short, had to come off pill.

I have been off it two weeks and have plotted my temp every day on a regular basis. my temp sored yesterday and i had cramps like mad - ovulating..?

Any how OH, has had rough couple of months, and last two weeks he has been lot better, hence more bedroom time, what are the chances that i could have caught this month?

We wuld be over the moon if i was, but want it to be next year as want to get back to normal fora couple of months - next february would be ideal date....

if not, what do i need to do to best look after myself? I am on a keen diet so that i can shed the stone i have put on with the pill. anything else?


Sarah x
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