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Lets share...

Hey all,

Just thought i'd create this thread as iv been away from here for quite a long time and I dont know anyone anymore image

So tell me all....

I am 25, oh 27. We have been TTC for 3 and a half years now with only one BFP just overs 2 years ago which unfortunately ended in MC.

We are under the care of a gynae doctor who is doing his damn best to try and help us get PG we have tried clomid, Hormone jabs with follicle tracking and various other procedures and tests with no joy over the years.

We are now trying clomid again with follicle tracking and the scan this month showed I had 2 ripe follicles ready to pop so was all systems go and now i'm in the dreaded 2WW.

I have also posted in LTTC AS i know this maybe is more a post for there but I find that forum a little quiet for me so was hoping you let me lurk here aswell?

I look forward to getting to know you all again!!



  • Hi Sweetie, have replied to you in TTC in November too but will tell you al ittle about myself image

    I'm 30, oh is 33, we got married in July this year and I came off my pill end of September. So on cycle 2 of TTC. Nothing much more to tell in that department, just waiting to see what happens image

    Nice to "meet" you xx
  • hiya ladies,

    I'm 21, but 'officially' 31 image Been with OH for 2 years and married in August. came off the pill in august and this is the most settled cycle since. been using CBFM and got my peak this morning, but DH is stuck in traffic! Gutted!!! FC he gets home soon so my 2ww can begin too xx
  • Hey ladies thanks for sharing!

    Kat- thats typical! I hope he gets home soon!!

    Angie and Mrs- When are you due AF?


  • Hi Sweetie.

    I'm not sure if we've ever chatted before (I was previously known on here as Emmie image) Anyway... I'm 35 next month. HoHum. OH is 33. We have been TTC our first since October 2010. Had my day 5, 21 and 28 bloods done, OH has had SA and its my HSG soon after AF comes next week. As to what happens next, I have no idea, but my next appointment is in February.

    I'll soon find out I guess.

    Nice to 'meet' you xXx
  • Hi ladies, I'm 27 and DH is 28. We've been together nearly 12 years and married for one. I came off the pill 6 weeks ago and no sign of AF so not sure if I'm pg (test 2 weeks ago was BFN) or just not ovulated yet. All sorts of symptoms so who knows! We're trying to do it as naturally as poss so no OPKs or anything just yet. Nice to meet you all! x
  • Hi Sweetie!

    I am 24 (nearly 25!) and DH is 29 next week. We have been together for 3 years and got married on the 6th of August this year. We've been TTC for 7 weeks. I was really really hoping that i'd take after my mum and get pregnant on my first try, but unfortunately AF arrived on Monday, so now hoping for a September baby! Fingers crossed for a BFP in December! I'm armed with ovulation sticks this month, so hoping this will help to get the result I want.

    Where abouts are you from? I live near Oxford.

    I hope that you get your BFP soon image
  • hiya im 34 and have a daughter who is nearly 18 months. We've been trying for number two for three months so far. Conceived our daughter first month trying on our honeymoon, so finding it a bit hard to not be impatient image I keep thinking lots of irrational thoughts, such as maybe im too old now and my dd was out last chance. Hopefully we will all get lucky soon. Baby dust to everyone!
  • Hi im kat im 25 my oh is 34 bit of an age gap but we have been together for 9 very happy years, not married yet but we have two children a six year old little boy then we have our daughter who is very almost 2 we are now ttc again and im soooo ecxited imagexx
  • Hi I think we may have chatted before, I've been around here now 3 years. I'm 30 so is hubby we've been together almost 10 years married 3 and we have a beautiful 2 year old girl and have been ttc baby number 2 for 5 months, feeling like December could be my month, due af 11th December xx
  • Hello image

    I love these threads to get to know people, I have chatted with a few ladies on here before.

    I am 24 and oh is 23, we have been together 5 years and married for 1. I finished my pill in April and we have been properly ttc since June. Been using a cbfm and temping but not had any luck yet and I think af is about to get me, booooo!

  • Hi!

    I'm 27 so is hubby. Been married 4 years but together for 10. Decided we are going to start ttc in January for our first baby! Both excited but also trying to be realistic and not put too much pressure on ourselves!
  • Hello, been away for the weekend, I'm on CD27 today but recently off the pill (Sep) and last month was a 31 day cycle so if she comes it should be Friday (STAY AWAY WITCHY!!!) image

    Baby dust to all of you lovely ladies xx
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm 24 (25 in Jan) and OH is 32. Been together 6 years, married for 4 in April. I came off the pill in Oct 2010 and we been trying since Feb 2011. This will be both of our first baby image

    Hope a BFP comes soon! Can't take much more!!
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