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How early to test

Hello ladies

What is the earliest I can test?? I started my 2ww on Monday, so AF due Jan 2.

Normally, I wouldn't worry - but with it being Crimbo, I can't decide if I should drink or not.

Christmas day would be day 6 of the 2ww - if i was PG would it show up on any of the PG tests at that stage, or not?

Also - are there any early symtoms that i could be feeling already?

We BD twice two days before OV, so am hoping that would be enough. Would be the best Christmas pressie ever....


  • Hi i m in the same position as you as a f due Jan 1. I personally wouldn't test earlier than a few days after af late because i wouldn't want to get a positive then get af a couple days later (i believe its 1 in two pregnancies fail in the first couple weeks and i would rather not know). But that's up to you. I think some tests can show a positive a few days before af due. Wrt Christmas im going to carry on having a few drinks and nice cheese etc but just in moderation. I fell pg with ed on my honeymoon and had a few g lasses wine with meals etc and didn't do any harm x
  • I got a feint positive at 8dpo in Oct. Unfortunately I miscarried at 9 weeks but am now ttc again. I will be 10dpo on Christmas day so will be testing then (or more likely before as i have no patience). The test i got my pos at 8dpo was an internet cheapo strip. Fingers crossed for us all.
  • online it showed me according to when my cycle began I should of OV on Tues 20 Dec , therefore was fertile on 16, 17, 18, and 19 and it said I should be able to test on 30 Dec. I am not sure how accurate it is, but we have bd around those dates so just waiting to see. Therefore, I'm guessing you can test about 10 days after OV.
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