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OPK question...When is Ovulation over???

When is ovulation over after testing positive on OPK?? If it's positive on CD16 but then negative on CD17 does that mean ovulation has taken place??? Or does the hormone the OPK identifies signify the onset of ovulation?? Is the hormone still present during ovulation???


  • The OPK detects LH which is present throughout your cycle but surges before ov. ov is usually 12-36 hours after LH surge xx
  • Hi ladies, I actually think I ov'd on the day I got a positive on ov sticks last week because I had EWCM that day a lot of cramping in my lower abdomen then nothing the day after and no EWCM, I've read when there is no more EWCM ov is over. but we are all different! x
  • Sorry to jump in here, but I've been doing Ovulation tests for a few weeks now, and I've had 5 positive days in a row! Seriously confused, Im also a week late for my period. I came off the pill end of december so not even sure what my cycle is exactly or whats going on with my body!!
  • Maybe do a test Lucy 12-34?

    I've just done another OPK and it's positive 2 days running. Is that normal?
  • Last month mrs cox i had positives on cd15 and cd16 cycle is between 27 and 30 days long x
  • Done a pregnancy test and its negative. image Its all very complicated this ovulation business!
  • Done a pregnancy test and its negative. Its all very complicated this ovulation business!

    Sorry to hear that!! It's so stressful isn't it!!! I don't think there's a 5min interval of any day that goes by where I'm not thinking of consumes u!
  • Are your positives actual positives? The second line has to be as dark or darker than the control, otherwise it's a negative xx
  • Yeah they def positive...second line is much darker than the control x
  • Had my period on 6/11, ended on 6/12- not heavy bleeding at all, only lasted a day, normally last 3-4 days. I did the Ovulation test on 6/19, then again just to see on 6/25, both shown positive, why am i getting a positive for ovualtion after a week has gone by since first positive?

  • Ovulation tests can detect hcg as well as lh so you could be pregnant and its detecting the hcg instead. Try taking a pregnancy test.
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