Why??? (feeling a little bit deflated)

I had a mc about 6 to 8 weeks ago. It took me about a year to get pregnant. I've done everything I can to maximise my chances. I've had tests and all have come back fine. My DH is having a SA on Wednesday. This is my first cycle ttc since mc and am probably going to come on in the next few days or so. My question is why will someone not get pregnant, if there is nothing wrong with either partner, both are fit and healthy and not over stressed or deficient in ny nutrients. If we have sex every day or otherwise at least every other day and I am ovulating. Then what would the reason for me not becoming pregnant be?

Sorry I just know I will be devastated when I get my period first time after ttc again despite all my efforts. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to wait a whole year again bu if only I had answers then that would go some way to helping me to come to terms with how things have worked out.

Sorry a bit of a wallowy post I know. I'm turning 32 next month and starting to panic :cry:


  • That is the million dollar question Hun and I'm sorry to say I don't think there are any answers.... This was the thing I found most difficult with ttc.... The constant not knowing... If someone could of told me it will take two years but then you will have your baby then I would have settle for that... But the constant second guessing each month hurt like he'll.

    We took just three months to fall pg first time (mc1 at 10 weeks), thenit took us 9 months to fall again (mc2 at 7 weeks) then took 7 months (mc3 at 6 weeks) and now I am almost 10 weeks pregnant again after just three months of trying......

    It's been three years since we started ttc and it's felt like 10!!! However the average time for a normal healthy couple to fall pregnant is about 8/9 months.... So 12 months is not that far away from normal...... I do sometimes think that we simply try to hard, we put so much pressure on ourselves to get pregnant that somehow we seem to stop ourselves.....

    I know a girl who took 2 years to fall pregnant with dd ( nothing wring with either party after testing) and 2 months later fell pregnant with ds!!!!! They weren't even trying!!!! Just shows.

    You may fall of much quicker next time but there is no way of knowing when.... Just relax as best you can, have fun and make sure you don't let it take over your life x

    good luck x
  • Hi 3054,

    I'm sorry to hear what you have been through and for your previous losses. I really have my FC crossed for you and that all goes well with you current pregnancy.

    Thank you for your reply. I think if I was a couple of years younger I wouldn't be panicking so much. I should have started ttc sooner but too late for regrets no image

    Thanks again for your reply. I think you are right in that relaxation is the key. It's so hard though. I think once this next period is out of the way that will be the worst of it over and I will be more relaxed then (hopefully!)

    Take care xx
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