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When to try or even think about it?!


Just wondering if I you could share your experiences.  I had a mmc last wed and had an erpc on monday just gone.  I haven't had much bleeding and fingers crossed all is fine.

Am still showing pg on tests so obviously want to wait until I am not.  But I was just wondering when you thought about ttc again?  I wasn't told anything after and didn't even see a doctor so I haven't been given any guidelines.

I feel as though I would want to wait for one af to come and go just to make sure my body is back to normal.  It took us a few months for this bean anyway.

Sorry for rambling image just wanted to know what others thought xxx


  • Hi so sorry to hear of your mc with my first mc every thing had passed naturally which the scan showed and like you I was told nothing about when to ttc again with me after I stopped bleeding we started straight trying straight away and I fell pregnant 8weeks later with my son last year. When I had another mc last november I was 5 weeks and as soon as the bleeding stopped we got straight back to it I thought it would only take 8 weeks again but not this time. Hope this helps good luck. X
  • I am on my third pregnancy after two mc. Both times I didn't wait for af, I just treated the mc as an af and started temping and opk as normal. Got bfp straight away both times, so I have been pretty much pregnant constantly since last Sept! With no af inbetween! The advice I was given after my erpc is that we could try as soon as we were ready. I don't believe there's a physical reason to wait for af, although a lot of people suggest it as it helps date your pregnancy. I got bfn about 2 weeks after my erpc, and ov about three weeks after, but that OS normal for me as I always ov on about cd20. Good luck and I hope you're recovering well.
  • Hi miniday, I'm glad the EPRC went ok, at least you can start to look forward now.  When to TTC after a mc is a very personal decision, for us we felt we had to straight away.  Dr told us there was no reason why we shouldnt if we both felt ok, most Dr's now advise you to wait until 1 AF to make dating the pregnancy easier.  I used OPK's following my mc, and as it turns out had 1 AF anyway before getting pg again, so I knew where I was date wise.  Having said that, most places offer an early scan following a mc, so this would date your if you did get pg without having AF 1st, I believe you are very fertile following a mc, so keeping my fingers crossed that you get your sticky BFP soon. xx

  • Hi Miniday- sorry to hear of your MC. I think the other ladies have said it really. Its when you and oh are ready. No medical reason to wait a month but if you want to wait then wait til you feel happy to try. Glad your erpc went well and I hope you are luckier next time.  x x

  • Hi pet....I just wanted to wish you well. Physically you can ttc right away. If you feel ready mentally then go for it. It depends on you. It gives you something positive to focus on. Sorry this has happened to you, and hope you get your super sticky bfp very soon xx
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