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need advice

has any one experienced implantation bleeding


  • I did with my last pregnancy,I had a v small amount of spotting a couple of days before af was due.I had cramps with it and was sure it was af on the way but it then just stopped which made me suspicious.Got a bfp a day or two later(can't remember exactly).Hope that helps.
  • I did for the first time in pg number 3. Was a day before I was due on so was convinced it was a precursor to AF but then it didn't get heavier and stopped after a day. I waiting 4 days to test as I was so sure it wouldn't have been implantation bleeding as I'd not had it before. X
  • I was the same with my first, spotting for a few days just before Af was due. When it didn't turn into Af I tested and I now have a lovely 3 year old boy!
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