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Come back with my BFP!!! We didnt really try last month as we were on holiday & we're moving house, been trying for 6 months & the month we stop trying i've caught!! My cycles are 28-30 days so today at CD31 and no AF i tested about 12.30 with a CB +- and it come up with a really strong + before the control line even come up!! I'm shocked but so so excited & happy. This will be our 2nd baba image Don't really think i've had many symptoms but then when i've thought about ut i've noticed... Heartburn, especially at night, needing to wee more, especially at night, weird aches around my ovaries, smells have been making me feel sicky since yesterday, starting to feel sicky today, more tired, strange dreams & headaches. I have my doc appointment on Monday to book my early scan as i have gad 4 previous miscarriages. I usually ovulate early so thinking im coming up to 5 weeks this weekend. Sending lots of baby dust to those still trying, stay positive & thank you image xx


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