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STD tests

I have only ever had two partners my whole life. Is there any need for me to get tested for STIs? I don't want there to be any complications but I think I'm all clear. No symptoms etc. 


  • If it's something that is bothering you (which it obviously is if you've written a post about it) then I would go and get checked for you piece of mind as much as anything. Part of the standard tests they run on the 12 week bloods is for HIV but I don't supose it picks up any other infections. I was tested once and it's not exactly a lovely experience but it's quick and (just about) painless, similar to a smear test. With only two partners and if you have no reason to think they may have passed something to you, you're probably fine anyway and if for some reason you're not, it's better that you know and can fix it. xx


  • sorry sorry. i forgot to say that i am staying in a very rural area for the next fie months. If there was a cinic on my doorstep i would go in no problem. I just don't want the distance to be a factor for future complications.  I think I'll just have to make the journey and get tested otherwise I'll be thinking about it. Thank you for your advice! Exactly.. sometimes you just need to hear someone else say so! Have a good day!

  • I told my friend that I was on a forum getting ready for pregnancy.  She will be joining too as a result but we were talking then and she told me about online testing.  Basically, I am now getting tested (having provided a vaginal swab which The STI Clinic sent me) for a whole range of stis some of which occur naturally and that might affect pregnancy (many people will not have symptoms with them). I think one that comes up a lot with fertility is ureeplasma? That's one of them anyway and the main one for me. Anyway, I get my results back in 3 days and it has totally put my mind at ease. They posted the kit the very next day and I didn't have to make any long trips which is great as I'm working from where im staying at the moment and dont have a car image This is a great service and I wanted to share  this with everyone! Wherever you are I'm sure there's a similar service operating online. Research this infection... there are others too and seemingly only if you go private can you test for these. Not a lot of research has been carried out and so the NHS don't test for it. Doesn't mean they aren't worth testing and treating though! I'm taking all precautions. Lastly, if I do test pos, I get treatment totally free. What a find! Thanks again guys. This is a great forum. I've been reading other threads studying all about pregnancy and find everything so helpful.

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