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Ovulation sticks, very confused???

Hi ladies, We are in month 1 of trying and I am using ovulation sticks for the first time (cheapie ebay ones) Yesterday and Sunday there were faint lines. Last night I had cramps which I assumed was ov pain so I thought today I should get a strong line, but its completely negative. From reading online I should get a strong line to confirm ovulation. I don't know if I've ov'd and missed it or not ov'd at all. Should I carry on testing even though today was negative? Cat xxx


  • Hello,

    I've got similar ones from a different site....are yours really small and thin and have to dip them into a sample?

    Anyway yes a strong line that looks the same as the control line indicates a positive. A faint line is a negative. How far are you into your cycle? It may be that your too early? You could try testing for the next couple of days but could be that yes maybe have missed ov (depending on where you are in cycle) but don't give up hope.

    I used to use ov tests all the time but were always neg-turns out I have PCOS and meant rarely ovulated. But now on Clomid and actually got a positive ov test last month!

    Look out for other signs too ie your cervical mucus and also your cervix postion (when its soft and open thats your fertile time).

    Hope that helps a bit  xx

  • Yes thats the ones. I am now 17 days into my cycle so I thought I would have a had a strong line by now, I'll keep testing for a few more days and see if I've ov'd later intp my cycle. Think I'll scrap the sticks next month, finding them very stressful! I've heard great things about Clomid, hopefully it works for you! 


    Cat xxx

  • Cat to be honest - the cheapy line ones are a nightmare. I never got a proper positive with them. I'm using the digi ones now and they are far easier to read!!


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