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EWCM after Ovulation?

Good Morning Ladies, I thought i would start a new thread as i couldnt find much help on the internet.. so my story is that i stopped BCP about 3-4 weeks ago on the 6th of October and had a 2 day withdrawal bleed and im about 4-5 days away from starting af which is due on the 3rd of november 2012... on the 17th of october CD12 (ovulation) i had cramping on my right side near my ovary i thought it was ovualtion but i went to the doctor who did and u/s and said it looks like a ruptured cyst so im not sure if i ovulated or not. I am now on CD25 and ive been having a bit of cramping and ewcm im not sure if im ovulating late or not what do you think or could i be pregnant? Please any advice will be greatly appreciated Thankyou
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