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Hello please help

Hello, please could someone give their advice. On the 6th of nov I came off my pill Yasmin, I did have a withdrawal bleed for a few days and had sex with my partner on the 11th. Yes he did finish inside me and we didn't use protection. So I've been trying to find out and it looks like maybe I could have ovulated after coming off the yasmin? Which would mean I could be pregnant? I've done a test today showing negative, but it's only been 4/5 days since intercourse. I've also been using ovulation sticks to see if I am ovulating (showing I'm not pregnant) however no positive tests have shown. The sex I had with my partner was actually in our home but we are separated as he has had enough of the way I was acting on the yasmin, I found out too late tho so looks like I'm moving out on the last weekend of this month. Hence I would like to know when I can see if I'm pregnant (even though the relationship may have ended I would love a baby)


  • It's unlikely if you only came off the pill 5 days earlier, that you would have ovulated by the time you had unprotected sex. It's too early to test yet though, you'd need to wait 10-14 days since the unprotected sex to test again if your period doesn't arrive.

    Hope you get the result you want x

  • Oh ok thank u. The reason I thought its possible is I've seen some other women have ovulated straight after stopping their pill after withdrawal bleed. It's going to be a long next five days waiting as I've only done five and you say ten. Thank you for your help. Would be interested to hear from any other women who ovulated straight off the pill if you are reading ! X
  • I missed about 3 days of my pill and conceived within that time so it is possible.
  • Wow that's what I thought and my friend did the same. I'm getting a strange feeling like its a really really full ache near where my ovary would be but I don't know the difference between implantation feelings and ovulation feelings as I've never been pregnant and have not had a period in a long time
  • A dull not full ache!
  • My first symptom was sore boobs, but you do get twinges in the womb area quite early on!! This is my first pregnancy too so I'm not very familiar with the technical terminology lol
  • Oh so maybe I'm not imagining the feelings, it's only little twinges nothing much. Probably to do with ovulation but you never know I suppose! I wish I could tell the difference. I have purchased two early first response tests but don't want to waste them by taking them too early image
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