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pregnancy symptoms or coming off the pill??

hi everyone,

i really need some advice, i came off the pill 6 weeks ago and am now having strange symptoms,i dont know if its pregnancy or coming off the pill symptoms.

i am at the moment having the following

sore nipples (which i noticed today have white spots on them)

needing a wee more often

lower back ache

lots of discharge(TMI i know sorry)which has v minute amounts of blood in it

period type pains down left hand side only

negative test on friday

any advice would be greatly appreciated

thankyou for youtr time in reading this x


  • Hey. i had all those symptom when i came off my pill. it took 6 weeks for after to arrive and i had all the pregnancy symptoms there are but when i read up about my pill it was a common side effect of coming off it. i was on cerrezette.. maybe you are they do say you are more fertile when you come off the pill but for me it wasn't the case hope that helps
  • Af not after lol stupid auto correct lol
  • How are you feeling now codysmummy? Xx
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