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CBFM and FF contradict

Hi All,

I am new to this site and this kind of forums.

I am 32 yrs old and came off BCP (Cilest) in March 2012. Every since then we have been trying. Earlier I used OPK and we did BD on positive day and the day after but never have been successful. So this month I bought CBFM and also started BBT. I had peaks on cd 20 and 21 on CBFM (AM) and also tried to do OPK which were positive on cd 20 (PM) but negative on cd 21 (PM). The monitor showed high on cd 22. FF tells me that I ovulated on cd19. I am new and dont know which to trust. we did bd on cd 19 (AM), cd21 (AM) cd 23 (PM) and cd 26 (AM). I had a temp drop on cd 23. So I am really confused when I ovulated. Any help is much appreciated. Below is the temp link:  

Gud luck for all TTC's.


  • that does sound odd. sounds like u covered it pretty well tho. I'll look at ur chart when on laptop later x
  • Thanks very much for getting back, i was eager to hear from someone.

  • Hi on my laptop now. I haven't used CBFM before but apparantly it gets more accurate the more cyces you use it as it gets to know your body more.

    I would say your temp chart looks about right - OV CD 19 or 20. The temp dip at CD23 could be a complete anomoly or could be very early implantation dip. 

    Fingers crossed for you


  • Thanks. But the monitor showed peak on cd 20 and 21 so I assume ov was later but my temp chart says ov was on cd 19. so I am bit confused when was the day, just to figure out DPO.

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