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Pregnancare Conception side effects!

I'm trying for a baby for 3 months now, i start using pregnancare conception on second month and the periods came one week early also in this months they came early .What do you thing does anyone experience this do i need to stop taking them ! x


  • I started taking Pregnacare conception but decided to stop after my periods didn't come. Someone on here gave me some good advice and I read other comments about the common side effects. I stopped and then my period came 5 days later. I am taking Sanatogen Mother to be now and no side effects as of yet image

  • Thank you i might start to take them x
  • I have been TTC for 14 months, this is my first month taking pregnacare conception and I have been using CBD opks since CD10 - now CD21 and no smiley, I usually get one around CD13, I am thinking it either brought forward my ovulation so I missed my LH peak or I still haen't ovulated yet, very unusual! 

  • Hi Mrs MB, I started a thread back in April, take a look. Pregnacare completely changed my periods, even though my doctor told me it was impossible because they are only vitamins, but as soon as I changed they went back to normal.

    I'm taking Sanatogen Mother to Be and am now over 17 weeks pregnant, and will take them throughout.

    Good luck!! x
  • Be mummy yes very unusual things happens.Soon 2BJacks congrats i was thinking to go to doctor too but ill leave this time . Thank you x
  • Its happened to me too, i started taking them this month and now on cd 30 and still no smiley from CB but have had days of very dark lines on cheapy opks. I usually ov around cd18 so i am thinking they have affected my cycle too. Gonna stop taking them from today will buy some sanatogen x

  • Good luck x
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