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Implantation? Please help?

Hello Ladies

I have a question, I have been trying to concieve for well, over a while now. Ive had a few maybes, but each time came out negative. Although this time around I think I may be experiencing implantation bleeding... I know its rare that ladies may experience but heres what has been happening...

So to start things off my last period was Oct 30th- November 3rd, me& my mate have had sex on the 5th, 12th&16th. On the 20th I started to  bleed, at first it was just when i whiped its now on the 5th day and it has gotten  bit heavier not much tho, ill only where a liner and ill be good for the day, it ranges from light pink, to dark brown or really dark red... I have always been regular& my flow is never light.

I guess i have been experiencing some signs as in light cramps, where normally on a period i would be crying in pain. I feel dizzy, tired& feel like i am always boiling in temp. I dont really have a mother figure to ask about this, this is why I turn to the internet. Could someone please help? Is this implantation?

& i have not yet tested because I wanna test at the right time, plan is to wait till i maybe miss my following period.If i do so that is.

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