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positive on ov test 2weeks after mc

so i had mc on 14th dec 12 but bleeding stopped around 4th jan after infection due to retainted products. and on sat 12th and sun 13th got two bright lines on ov test so been jumping hubby every day lol.glad to ov so quick i really want to conceive straight away but so scared.        how are you doing hushpuppy?


  • Calee - so sorry to hear about your mc.

    I'm going to get EPRC tomorrow so a little scared - but can I ask, the retained products that caused your infection - did you have a natural mc or have the procedure I'm having?  I really want to try straight away (I guess as soon as bleeding stops etc) - can you ov even though your period hasnt come back yet?  


    Ann-Marie x

  • hi ann-marie thank you and sorry for your loss.      i had a natural mc this time i got the infection  because after bleeding for 2weeks the sac came away leaving infection i had antibiotics and bleeding stopped 4 days later.         i did have a mc 4years ago and had the erpc,i had no bleeding after and  ov just 7days later.i then conceived my daughter the month after that.  good luck for tomorrow i hope you heal well and can ttc straight away. is this your first mc?   i have had mc 95 son 96 son 97 mc 2002 son 2007 son 2003 mc 2008  mc 2009 daughter 2010 and mc sep 2012 mc dec 2012.  and ttc no 6 yes im mad lol. i love bing a mum and my husband who ive been with 20 years works hard  so why not XX

  • wow Calee - you are a very brave woman, to get through all of those m/c and keep going to have all your wonderful children - I take my hat off to you.  

    thank you for taking the time to reply to me and thank you also for the good news re EPRC and no bleeding.  Did you use ovulation kit to know you ovulated the wk after your procedure, or did you just know your own body well enough to feel it? I'm not sure I know my body well enough to pick up the symtoms straight away - but really hope that I do.


  • hi,i started to use ov sticks 2 days after the erpc because i didnt want to miss it.dr said your more fertile after mc for 3 months. good luck tomorrow let us know how you get on x

  • thanks Calee - I will do.


  • Hi Calee and thanks for asking.

    I'm fine thanks now, bleeding finally stopped after 2 weeks and I think right now I am ovulatiing.  I've decided to heed doctors advice and wait till after my first af to try again.  I know this may be tmi but with the ewcm there has been some brown stringy stuff so I want my af to help make sure everything is flushed out so to speak. 

    How are you doing?  Enjoying the jumping on your hubby?!!


  • hi hushpuppy. glad your ok. good luck when you do ttc again. im good i was lucky i ov so quick.i really hope to get bfp sticky bean quick.  normaly conceive within 3 months so fingers crossed will happen soon x

  • how did the erpc go flee24.?hope your ok x

  • Hey girl. It went very smoothly thankfully, no pain, no bleeding and I feel alright. Waiting until end of march to ttc, going to get stuck into the gym to lose some weight first and also not cross over my little boys due dates on 21 Dec. (lost him due to pre term labour) then this need to chill out for a bit.

    How u getting on?
  • glad your doing good sooooo sorry about your son. my heart goes out to you. your a brave girl. dont give up im sure you will get there.hope you get a sticky bfp straight away,when your ready.  im good,af due around 28th wont get hopes up to much but would love to conceive quick.  baby dust to us all ! x

  • Do u know anything about ivf and follicles ive found out i have very few. do they grow every mnth. or go and thats it.
  • sorry karen h i dont no much about ivf all i know is that every month your folicles are suppose to ripen untill one pops out (ovulate) then the hole process starts again .are you having ivf then ?

  • Hi having ivf in april. Came as a bit of a shock. just know i will do anything to have my baby. Have been told i have very very low fertility. There is always possibility cold get pregnant on our own. but im 34 not willing to puy faith in my body
  • hi karen good luck i hope you get your dream. miracles do happen. i found out that im pregnant again already and im almost 35 your still young enough x

  • Thanks calee thats great news. Hopefully i will have that news soon x
  • Congratulations calee !

    How many weeks after your mc did you fall pregnant again?

    Did you have an inkling ?
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