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Shoud i test

i brought a test today after being told my boobs are feeling bigger and they are very sensitive and a whole other symptoms craving salt i had aunt flow around the 15th of this month lasted 4days but i had sex on the 27th of this month im not sure when i should do the test what day would be better


  • If you have already had your period i wouldnt test until you have missed one. sore boobs could be for other reasons and they could be feeling bigger if you've gained a little weight. your probs only half way thru your cycle and would have just recently ovulated so it would be too eary to test just now as implantation wouldnt be for another few days then you need your body to make the hormone to make the test read positive!

    Id wait until the day that your next period is due at the earliest x

  • I just got my bfp yesterday at 12dpo, so you dont necessarily need to wait until missed af but its deffo too early to test yet, as mavi said you're only a few dpo. Leave it a week or so then test image xx

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