Please help, quite confused and worried

Hey so I am 25 and a mum of 1.

Recently myself and my partner have talked about another baby and I have come off the pill and any form of contraception, I have had one miscarriage about a month or so ago and then got my period again as normal on the 5th of march lasting until the 9th.


That was fine and was not worried until i started bleeding again on the 19th and finished the 21st. I had considered the possibility of implantation bleeding and waited a few days and got a pregnancy test but it came up negative.

Today once again the 28th of March I have started bleeding again.

I am so confused. The first bleed was normal like a period, the second was very light, pinkish in colour but then turned a brownish colour by the end of the 3rd day when it finally finished.

Both times were constant, now however today I bled for about 10 minutes and then went to the bathroom again and all is clear, i have used a tampon just in-case it starts again and am going to monitor it.

Also My boobs have been quite tender the last month, I am tired and have days of being quite cranky and I feel nauseated some days. 

I did another pregnancy test this morning and it came up negative once again(Before the bleeding) 

I have had mild cramps but nothing to painful just mild like they are there and then they are gone. 

 Sorry about the graific detail but I am quite concerned of what it could be, has anyone else experienced this? I never remember anything like this happening with my first child.


  • Hi lilucy, 

    So sorry to hear about your mc. I probably am not being much help but from the experiences of other ladies that I've spoken to on here, I would think your odd bleeding pattern is still linked to your mc. Cycles take a hit when mc happens so it might take a while to get back to normal. Leave it a few months and if your cycles aren't settling down, go to see your GP. 

    Wishing you luck,


  • Thank you for your response it helps to know there are people who might have been in my situation image
  • Perhaps try posting on the Trying For a Baby forum - it tends to be a bit busier than here image There might be more ladies that could help you out xxxx All the best xx

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