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Could this be an early sign of pregnancy?

Hi ladies, I have been trying for a baby and I have a good feeling about this time image My next period is due in 2 days, I just hope it doesn't come. I have been experiencing some unusual changes and I just wanted to see if you have too? 

  • Wind (I'm not usually so gassy)
  • slight cramping
  • Feeling hot
  • Boobs were a little sore, not too bad 

Could these be early signs?image

Fingers crossed! x



  • Hi hun

    It could be as i had some of them symptoms a few days before i found out i was.

    Good luck and i hope you get the answer you want image xx
  • It could be I had similar symptoms just before I tested. Hope you get your positive test soon
  • Hi

    I have been having the following symptoms -

    *really sore boobs to the point i can barely touch them



    *mild back pain

    *sharp pains cramping on my left side.


    I'm driving myself nuts!

    Did a test this morning - negative.

    Not due period until 1 may!

  • Good luck babyseren

    Test could be negative as still a bit early to take one x
  • Hi guys. Fingers crossed for u. I'm stuck in lymbo atm. I got a positive a week ago. But then negatives since. I'm only a day late and I have PCOS. I'm just hoping it's the hcg that's too low. I've got three girls already so I do feel pregnant. Just want to get another line. It's weird and frustrating

  • Dazzyd are you using first morning wee when testing?xx
  • Yea, first morning, middle of the night, late in the evening. U name it, I've peed lol. I've. Not bled or had any abnormal cramping. I only got the positive a week ago. I've tried numerous tests and none showing apart from the one last week 

  • Are you dipping or peeing on the strip? Xx
  • Dipping the strips and peeing on the sticks 

  • Ladies... Ur my lucky charm. After a week of negatives.... I peed on the strip... Nice bfp... Whoop xxx 

  • Congrats dazzyd! Xx
  • Thank you image xxx 

  • How is everyone today? xx

  • No sign of period! I'm trying not to get too excited image xx

  • I'm so nervous, think I might test tomorrow image

    Just can't bare another disappointment image x 

  • Well fingers crossed for you. Hope you get yr bfp xxx
  • Fingers crossed you get bfp!!x
  • Fingers crossed you all get your bfp's really soon , congratulations dazzyd , you must be thrilled x nice to hear you carioke , how you doing hun ? x x 

  • hi guys i was wondering if somebody could help me out a bit. my period is due tomorrow and for the last couple weeks i have been burping a lot i had cramping for a bit. i have heartburn and keep getting up at night to pee which is not normal for me. also i have been hot randomly especially at night. i check my "area" today and when i pulled my finger out there was a glob of thick mucus could i be pregnant?

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