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positive or neg

Hey i took a test around an hour ago and twebty minutes after it was a positive looking line very very pink. Is it evap or what do you think. I have missed my period had spotting and constant little pains in my lower belly. Any help


  • Hi there, I would test again just to be sure but I would say your pregnant. Congratulations image I found out in the afternoon I was preg with my first so if you get a positive again, you are or you could try your morning wee again 2moz morning. Hope this helps x
  • Hey thanks aw congrats. I hope so. Been waiting a while. But also are evap lines pink in anyway. And if its so called dryed out what if you leave it floating in you pee sample. As its a floated one
  • Hiya evap lines don't go pink, they r grey, the only thing that makes positive lines go pink is the hormone in pregnancy so I would say u r preg.x

  • So i took another same brand and now nothing!! Its like my heart got ripped out. Now im cinfused and so if my fiance
  • Say if its left three hours but still has a very pink line as if positve is that evap
  • When was it period meant to be? Sometimes u can get false negatives, don't give up hope yet.x

  • No, evap is only ever grey.x

  • My period is now a week late tomorrow. I had spotting and swollen boobs. Im going crazy
  • R ur periods normally regular? It sounds to me like u r preg, is it first response ur using?x

  • Its called pregnosis early dip test they have been for the last year but this is the first time weve full on tried and this all happens i have bad pains right now under my ribs
  • I'd suggest getting a first response as they r really good, n if they have been regular then it sounds good, all the signs r there, try doing a test n putting a pic on here of it.x

  • I have blood test tonorrow and results tuesfay ill be back on then to let you know praying we get what we hope for but if not another time
  • Good luck with blood tests i would buy a first response test they are very spot on xx

  • I went to hopsotal with bad pans last night she said if i am im 3 weeks is that to early in a blood test and are blue vains a sign aswell on the boobs ive found heaps of new ones
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