Solid Smile

Hi motherpig, didn't want to read and run. I too use the dual hormone OPKs. I usually start DTD as soon as I get my flashing smileys, then when I get my solid smiley I always DTD that night, the next night (which I class as O day) and then sometimes the following night (1dp). That said im still ttc my first so it hasn't worked yet, but I'm pretty sure I cover all my bases. Can't really comment on your early ovulation, except to say i have read of people with short cycles who have children, so you can get pregnant. i think from my reading that its more important than your luteal phase isn't too short. Needs to be more than 10 days. baby dust to you xx


  • hey thanks for reply

    i came of pill last august and only just started periods this jan had 3 cycles doc said i was ok and my blood was good, first solid smiley so quite excited i realised now we never used to started doin the dtd till about day 12+ so might be reason why im not pregnant as i must ovulated early, strange thou because my cycles are about 6 weeks apart but sometimes i have spotting for like a week so dnt know whether that is like a mini period fingers cross for us both thou x

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