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Could this be a sign?!

Me and my partner having been trying for a baby since Jan 14. Since Jan i have had a couple of times when i have thought i was pregnant and then turned out not to be. And i just want to know if what I have experienced is a massive sign i might be or if I'm just kidding myself? I so we had sex on the 7th and the 8th of June. 9 days later i noticed some dark brown discharge this was little to begin with then got a little bit heavier. This continued for 6 days. During this time it went from dark brown, to pink and back to brown. I noticed a couple of mornings, that the discharge would get really heavy and then settle down. I tested during the discharge, and i had a negative result. I have been eating a little more and put weight on but I'm not sure if it just because i am thinking about it. I would love to find out that i am but i am just scared I'm getting my hopes up a little bit too much. Thanx guys


  • I also have realised that i have been going to the toilet a lot more but again I'm not sure if i am kidding myself x
  • Hi jade, when is your period due?

  • I had the exact same thing, turned out I wasn't image I'm on my second month now trying and I'm due tomorrow, trying to convince myself the symptoms I'm getting is my oncoming af, so I don't feel too disappointed :/ good look jade Wilson 2 hope it's good news for you x
  • Hi happymummy4, I'm sorry you haven't had any success yet. I am telling myself im not but people keep saying that it sounds like i am. And while im trying to tell myself I'm not, its in the back of my head. period is due the 30th jojo32. When it start two weeks after my last period x
  • So your due on in 5 days, it might be bit early to test now then, give if a few days and do another test, let us know what happens, good luck.x

  • Ok thank you. And i definitely will do xx
  • I'm due af today, took a test being as impatient as I am lol but bfn image. I'll just wait now and see what happens, good luck to all 


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