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11 days late, bfn

Hey ladies,

I'm a bit confused here and looking for some comforting words, advice, similar stories.

Me and my husband have been trying for about 8 months now. No success all the way, period always arrived on time. We even discussed adoption, since for me it is difficult to conceive (family history). 

But this month my period was late. 11 days today. I have taken 2 clear blue tests, both negative. Last night I felt so SO tired, I literally fell asleep 2 hours after waking up and slept most of the day, woke up at seven in the evening (!), stayed up for two hours and got back to sleep. This morning it was difficult to get up and I have been tired all day.

There is also a light cramping (not even that, more like pulling) feeling in my stomach. I felt sick, couldn't drink lucozade because it suddenly tasted like death! And I feel highly dehydrated. I am also constipated (sorry, tmi) and have massive headaches. 

Keep in mind though, more than a week late and bfn.

I started to feel dizzy and shaky so I called GP and they said I am either coming down with a flu or pregnant. They said sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks for the hCG levels to be high enough to see in a test. 

Has anyone else been through this? Maybe someone else found out they're pregnant 3 weeks after missed period?

Many thanks x


  • Hi, I'd take a first response test as in my opinion they r better than the blue dye tests, good luck.x

  • Today is even worse! My boobs are SO sore and my husband noticed that they look a bit bigger and are a bit heavier.

    I will take a test tomorrow and see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  • Hi am the same all the same symptoms done two tests that we're negative at 5 days late and 8 days late, I am now11 days late done a clear blue test and have a really really faint positive line, but then I had sex with my partner before and after sex I have noticed that I had a little blood down there, is this my period coming late? Can anyone help me thanks xx
  • The exact thing (blood) happened to me. Me and my husband are speculating that it might be the implantation bleed or say if you had it already then maybe all the movement might have triggered it to pop out. I don't think it's your period starting. But hey, Mel, we're literally in the same boat here! Let's hope we're both pregnant! Fingers crossed for both of us image

  • Unfortunately, I had a MC. The pink stuff was that image  I wish better luck for you Mel! Fingers crossed and I wish you all the best! image

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