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Try to keep this short. From online calculations i ovulated 10/09/14 4dpo i started with lower back ache and stomach cramps like af.. My other symptoms are. Tingly very sore painful breasts with very visible blue veins. Headaches in morning, af was due yesturday no show but white discharge when i wiped. Took hpt 11dpo BFN then again 12dpo BFN could i still be pregnant and not be producing hormones ? Or having late implantation ? Im trying to wait it out until sat am to do a test as i really don't want the disappointment of another BFN I'm never usually late on period any advise would be greatly appreciated xx ( the tests i took was one step strip ) and i did it afternoon after drinking lots of tea lol


  • I got a BFN at 11dpo and my BFP at 13dpo, so it is possible. How many dpo are you now and how long is your usual luteal phase? have you actually tested since you missed AF. I'd test again with FMU as the tea will have diluted your sample x

  • Hi faith. Im am not too certain if im honest i just thought if its meant to be then it will i wished id have tracked now though. The 1st day of my last af was 27/08 and according to online ovulation calendar i ovulated on the 10/09 which would make me 16dpo but again thats not for certain. I feel terrified of doing a test tomorrow morning I'm unsure whether i should wait. Xx
  • My cycle is 28days xx
  • Morning Tinksteddy, I know how disappointing it is getting bfn, I was trying 17 months before I got my bfp this week, I too am 16 dpo so just keeping everything crossed its a sticky bean! Like I said it was 13 dpo before I got bfp using a one step test. I obviously implanted late, which you could have too. I'd definitely test again using fmu. At least then you might get a bfp. Even if it isn't, it doesn't mean your out until AF shows. There are plenty of ladies on here who are 1-2 weeks over due and still not getting bfp . Good luck with your testing and keep us posted, as we would be at a similar time xx
  • Morning faith. Tested using one step this morning which is supposed be the very earliest for hcg. BFN feel absolutely gutted. My boobs are still sore but not as much I'm hoping I'm just implanting late but honestly feel like i could cry. May have to wait until monday and if af doesn't come go to the drs hope you get your bfp xx
  • Sorry to hear that but  your not out until AF arrives. You may have ovulated later than usual. If AF does arrive I would really recommend using OPKs next month as it allows you to chart accurately when you O and discover how long your luteal phase is. My luteal phase was only 10-11 days so I took a concoction of vits to increase it, I honestly don't think I'd have got my BFP if I hadn't. If I wasn't charting I wouldn't have know it needed increasing. Good luck to you on your ttc journey xx

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