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Made a big mistake!



I'm feeling pretty hopeless at the moment. My partner and I currently rent in Kingston in a tiny one bed flat. During the two week wait, tension was rising and we ended up having a huge argument due to all the stress of ttc. Our neighbour heard us shouting (20 minutes maximum) and reported us so that we are now being evicted!


All the stress has added up and I just can't imagine getting pregnant now with all the new worry of finding a new apartment. I have had my first consultation and am undergoing investigations at fertility hospital in Kingston. I moved my GP from Hertfordshire when arriving n Kingston. I had no idea back then, that Hertfordshire offers 3 cycles of IVF and Kingston only 1!!! I can't switch back to Hertfordshire now as the residency criteria states you must have been registered with a GP for 12 months before referral! Damm!

As we are now having to move anyway, we are considering locations that will offer the best fertility treatment and are therefore thinking of moving to Surrey as this at least offers 2 rounds of IVF if necessary and IUI. Am I ridiculous to base our property search largely on CCG?

I am so devastated that I have screwed everything up by losing my temper with my partner and having that silly argument that has cost us our flat. Trying to turn it into a positive by moving to a borough with more IVF chances now is making me question my sanity but I equally can't help but feel angry I moved from Hertfordshire where there were 3 IVF rounds offered! Feeling very regretful and lost now.

Has anyone else had arguments with other halves as a result of the stress?

Has anyone else considered the postcode lottery when moving properties?

Any help truly appreciated

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