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Possible chemical :(

hi all.  I am new here. I am 16 dpo, I have been getting faint positives on frer's and superdrug tests  since 12dpo but these don't seem to be getting any darker at all.  Tried c,ear blue and says not pregnant but the normal clear blue hes been having a light croSs too.  I am due tomorrow but the fact that my lines are not getting any darker at all forthr past 4 days makes me think I am gonna have a chemical.  I am so upset and been crying for most of the day after this mornings disappointing test of an even more fainter  line!  Any positive stories out there ? 

Thank you lovelies x



  • This is sounds similar to me. I had a chemical back in august. Had positive frers but didn't get any darker and at nearly 6 weeks got fainter until I started to bleed. 

    Im now pregnant again and things feel much more concrete and positive. 

    Im sorry it's not the happy ending you wanted to hear but things do get better. The best advice I had was that it is an early miscarriage and it's perfectly normal to mourn if the worst does happen x

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