Is this implantation?

not sure if I should get my hopes up. AF due on Friday and today teusday I started spotting. Negative test, it too early to test? How long after implantation do you get BFP?

 we've been trying since January and w my first it happened right away so I'm starting to get discouraged. Do I have any hope for this cycle?


  • Yess u have all hopes many says that their hpt fidnt accure a positive not before 4 to 5 weeks so i would say give it a couple more days and test again if still negative wait some more and test again .. if still dont come u should consult youre doc to run a bloodtest .. bdw im hoing in the same situation as u :( .. 9 days late had some spotting done 4hpt all negative .. tomorow ill test again ill keep u posted . Best of luck xxx 

  • Hi ladies im all very new to this but I am 2 days late for AF and I've just had a pink watery discharge when I wiped (sorry for the TMI) but no actual AF bleeding. I am also very regular and have not had the proper AF cramps. Any advise would be greatly appreciated xx

  • Wondering if I am experiencing implantation, too?

    Normally, I have very painful periods, short cycles (~24 days) & short periods with a lot of clots & light bleeding.

    But this month I'm halfway through my cycle, maybe 1.5 week before my expected period- & I get a sharp twinge in my left side. It's the same feeling I had when I was pregnant once before (ended in miscarriage).

    It started as a pronounced feeling while laying down to go to sleep, then turned into a dull cramp. The weird thing about it is it felt tightening or twisting. And it was concentrated on my left side.

    The morning after my pain (implantation?) I had some deep red blood (no clots) when I went pee. Then it was brown-colored discharge for 2-3 days.

    I noticed when I was eating fruit the other day that I could REALLY taste the peels. It was sort of gross tasting like soap or metal. And I have been able to smell my own breath a lot, which is weird because normally I can't smell anything. I've been peeing slightly more often than normal, but it's also late Summer & I'm drinking more water potentially. I have constipation & some bloating.

    I don't know what to make of it. Implantation? I felt the implantation with my 1st pregnancy & had some bleeding, too. I'm really worried as I can still feel a "pull" on my left side. Worried about ectopic pregnancy or other medical issue :/ 

  • HI I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Jan 7th I had my period lasted the normal 5 days. Then on the 22nd I had a watery bloody (tmi) dark brown discharge (tmi) after I went to pee. It’s now feb 9th and I’m 3 days late for my period. Took a test and bfn. I was wondering if that could possibly be implantation or what could be happening.. 

  • Hi,

    Can someone give me some advice..
    I will start from the being,
    In 11-2017 I had a miscarriage then received depo 11-23-2017
    I been feeling tired, nausea ,bloating, breast tender, lower back and side pain-cramping, then white-brown discharge..
    In late January early feb brown discharge then again for 1-3 days very light then yesterday brown-red discharge one time and right side pain near the hip bone/lower back pain/lasted 1 hour but all the test is not prego..
    What is going on…please help…
    Thank you

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