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**~** Thursday Chat Thread **~**

Hello all! How're we doing? It's almost the weekend, yayy!

Firstly, huge vibes for Claire - I have my fingers n toes crossed that all goes ok my lovely x

Dolly - good luck with your blood test today x

AFM - had a physio session for my knee this morning and he was really happy with my progress. Definitely going to join a gym now as I need more equipment! TTC wise, no temp rise so may not have ov'ed at all yesterday - wish I knew what my body is doing sometime!

Hello to all who follow x


  • Morning all,

    Claire - thinking of you today lovely.

    Dolly - hope your blood tests go ok.

    Tayto - Glad you're getting on well with physio, what exercises do you have to do? I must admit I got rather slack doing mine after awhile. Sorry your body is messing you around.

    *Lottie* - yes I use the CB digis - I like them, they are easy to understand for a dunce like me! Though I have got some IC's as well. I hope you don't have any issues with your furniture!

    AFM - I got my peak on the OPK's today, nice static face. I also got a pos+ last night on an IC - it's quite ridiculous just how excited I got to see it! Now I'm not temping so how do you work out what DPO you are?

    Hi to all who follow, will be back later. x

  • Good morning :)

    Tayto - Glad that the physio is happy with your progress keep it up! :) Fingers crossed you get a temp rise soon!

    SallyLou - I am no good with OPK's I just went straight to temping lol! I would guess a peak means you have ovulated? so the next day would be 1DPO? But I have no idea so someone more in the know might correct me :D

    AFM nothing much to report feeling a bit low today, it's kinda tagged on to yesterday :(.. I am sure I will perk up later :) H is home tonight and he's offered to take me out tomorrow for lunch might change it to dinner have bits to do around the house first!

  • Sally - I do squats using a bench and toe taps also on the bench - my makeshift one at home is not good enough really hence why I'll need the gym. I temp as well as use the CB digis (the dual hormone ones) and I've found I ovulate the day after the static smiley appears (once it appears, it says on for 48 hours). Not sure this is happening this cycle though!

    CC - Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit low. Good to hear H is home later x

  • Thanks

    It's very quiet here today! Where is everyone?!

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