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Intro and TMI

Hi everyone!

Im new so thought I'd introduce myself....and then ask a bit of a gross question!

Im 27 and my husband is 28. We've been together nearly 9 years and got married 3 weeks ago  :D 

We have just started TTC - this is our 2nd month.  We have no children yet and we're hoping it won't take too long - but who knows!

So, my gross and (far) TMI question...when you've DTD how do you all stop it just coming out. I try to tilt my pelvis up but don't know how long I'm meant to stay like that, and even then when I go to the loo after, a lot comes out. Haha sorry  for the detail, but what do you do?

Thanks :)


  • Hi & welcome to MD! Congrats on your recent nuptials! Incidentally, nothing is gross on here - we all discuss our cervical mucus and other stuff so we're all immune to it at this stage!

    I'm given to believe that putting your legs in the air and tilting your pelvis doesn't do a whole lot to aid conception however I do know people who swear by it. At the end of the day, it's something like 200 million sperm released per ejaculation and you only need one to fertilise the egg. When you're about to ovulate, your cervical mucus becomes its most fertile (egg white) and this helps the sperm travel. Doing the deed at the right time - when you're about to or have just ovulated - is more important than how you position yourself after DTD imo.

    I did hear of a lady using the mooncup thingy to keep the swimmers in - I think she was on here - it was back in my lurking days so I can't remember who she was!

    Good luck & if you have any other questions, just holler!

  • I just make sure I lay down for a good 10mins after. Honestly, the stuff that comes out wont have gone high enough anyway. You want the jizz in your womb and fallopian tubes! Not your vagina....

    On that note. Welcome to MD !!! Hope your journey is short, boring and smooth x

  • And BTW that's nowhere near gross or TMI for here!!!

  • Hi and welcome! I've got nothing to add as Tayto and Rod have already answered!

  • Thanks for the welcomes! Haha ok so must try harder with the TMI!! good to know! :) Thanks for the advice, has reassured me. At the moment I'm using a period tracker that tells me when ovulation is likely to occur, but we DTD every other day anyway really so hoping one of them will get there! If not will look at more accurate monitoring. :)

  • Welcome! hope your journey is a short one

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