Our list of topics.

So every monday we will choose a topic too have a weekly discussion on.. To try and get this board moving a little bit more :)

Here's our list so far... We will take one topic a week and I will delete them from the list and add new ones when we think of them.

We will start a new thread every week and then link it too here : http://mumdrum.com/f/29/t/8961.aspx#LP115495 so it will become a source of information for new members and old members. 

Here is the list : 

- Vitamins that are important in TTC

- Under active Thyroid and TTC

- Endometriosis

-Common pregnancy symptoms 


-Diet and Alcohol when TTC 

- Financial cost of TTC

- Tests that docs do when TTC'ing for a long time & what they mean 

-  IVF & other fertility treatments

- Charting Techniques (BBT, fertility monitor, ferning, examining CM, etc)

-Using Fertility Friend - useful hints & tips about it

- Fertility books review

-What DPO did other MD members get their BFP 

- TTC after a miscarriage 

- TTC after a ectopic 

-TTC after a molar pregnancy 

-TTC whilst breastfeeding


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