Hi everyone, hope Friday is treating you well and you all have very lovely things to look forward too!

End of CD8 for me so need to start getting down to business!! In other news.... I finished work today!!!! :) I am officially unemployed and I'm the happiest girl in Australia lol!! It's all feeling a but real now but 11 days until we fly home and so much left to do!!!


  • Hey tonka! Congrats on being officially unemployed! Countdown is on now, eh?Hope you ov soon though so you can get a good bit in before you fly back.

    AFM - still no sign of AF. I'm now thinking ov was prob delayed due to my op. Not too worried yet.

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Hi

    Tonka - yay to being finished work! Hope u ov on schedule!

    Tayto - hope af turns up soon

    Afm CD 70 & have started spotting so perhaps will call today CD1. Im totally fine with it - better than expected actually. Think im just glad my body behaving!

    Now have to decide whether to start using my CBFM as not meant to use it if cycles over 40 days. Dont want to waste the rather expensive sticks if i have another v long cycle, hmmm decisions!!  

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