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Angus Castus, Red raspberry tea leaf, Cassava, Evening primrose oil: what have you tried?

Hi everyone

We are trying to conceive our first child, I have read about so many different supplements that should in different ways help increase fertility. I was looking for a supplements to try but I have  one across that many that I don't know which one I should try. The main ones I came across are Angus castus, red raspberry tea leaf, Cassava and evening primrose oil, although I've come across others.

Of these which have you used and do you know of any side effects of any of them in regards to baby's development. I'm so worried that taking a supplement that helps your body ovulate earlier than you would etc may mean an egg being released before its ready leading to birth defects. I'm probably way of the mark here I just can't help but worry about it.

Any advice appreciated 



  • Sorry about the type error in the title, I'm sure you all guessed I meant evening primrose oil 

  • Hey CRedfern, 

     I'm currently taking seven seas trying to conceive. I'm about through my first packet, but I started taking them 2 weeks for ttc. I'm currently on my fertile week now so I can't give you much advice just yet. But I have heard really positive things about them. I've also just been reading up on primrose oil and again heard good things and that it's meant to boost fertility.

    Sorry I can't help you any more. I will let you know how my first test goes though.

    Good luck


  • Thanks for your input Jessica hope all goes well

  • Hi, in the 2 years we TTC there's not much I didn't try lol my go did t put stock in any of them but said a good pre natal vitamin won't hurt.

    Angus castus I took for 3 months in a small dose until I ovulated ( not good to use if u r pg)  and I noticed only difference was less pmt 

    I took a vitamin b supplimemt as its said to a vit b deficiency is common for fertility problems as is vit  d ( hence a good pre natal vitamin being useful)

    We has test after test, ate healthy no smoking or alcohol etc and still nothing so i asked hubby for a TTC holiday, for 3 months I wanted to eat and drink what I liked, no vits, no peeing on sticks - nothing.

    Our holiday began Valentine's day 2015, when AF began ( I'd had enough !) My march AF was on time and no stress of testing as hubby had enjoyed not being ' on DTD duty' lol, my pmt was also less.

    My April cycle was late and I got a bfp a few days later.( first one day after AF was neg ). I am now almost 15 weeks.

    I think a lot is put down to stress but its not until its removed from the situation that the effects are known. 

    My advice is eat healthy, use a multi vitamin if u want to but enjoy life too. Don't let TTC become the sole focus.

    Sorry for long post but Hope this helps x

  • Hello...

    Ive heard a lot of mothers have fallen pregnant after taking the juice plus supplement...everyone shuns it as they think its for dieting etc

    but the supplements can be used for all sorts of health benefits etc i took them during my pregnancy and had a healthy pregnancy and baby my midwife was always shocked at how healthy I was image haha

    Hope you find something that works image


  • I took Agnus castus after trying for over a year (my cycles were all over the place) it regulated my cycles straight away and I got pregnant on the secind cycle image 

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