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8 days before AF, is this even possible ladies?!?

Hello ladies!

The first day of my last period was on Friday June 5th; my cycle is typically average- although I am just beginning to keep complete track. According to a typical 28 day cycle that would've meant that I was ovulating June 16-June 20. I am expecting AF on July 3rd.

This past week I have never felt so tired in my entire life. I mean, come home and fall asleep at 8pm kind of tired, if I can even make it to 8pm!

I had this feeling, I wish I could actually describe it, just a feeling that my body was starting to change. So today- my anxiousness got the best of me- and I took a First Response Pregnanct Test.. EIGHT DAYS BEFORE AF! I sat there on the toilet and immediately after I finished I felt ridiculous. I thought to myself "Why would you even test this early?" I set my time for two minutes. I pick the test up and I see two lines. One dark and one very faint. I was staring at it. I called my darling SO to double check because I thought I may have been hallucinating. He too saw a very faint pink line.

Is this even possible? I do not want to get my hopes up, but somehow I can't help but be extremely hopeful.

Good luck and baby dust to all of you ladies


  • It all depends on the levels of hcg hormones, if they are present then the line will appear - a faint line ( in the right place, the expected colour within time limit) means that some hcg has been detected but not at high enough level to turn line dark.

    My advice is to repeat the test in a few days ( levels double every 48/72 hours) and if its a definate bfp the line will be darker in colour. 

    Levels all depend on when you ovulated and conceived so if this was a day or so earlier than expected levels could be high enough to show up x

    Fingers crossed for you x please update x

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