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I think I'm pregnant!! Advice please!!

This will be my first pregnancy, and I'm so excited! I just want to share my symptoms and see if any of you ladies have experienced the same!

My AF was due 2 days ago, and i am never late, ever. But since before then I've been extremely nauseous all the time, nipple have been very very sore and the day my AF was due, I spotted a little bit, maybe about an hour or so, and then nothing. And now I'm getting a lot of discharge than I normally do. I don't want to test yet cause I fear it might be too early but me and hubby have been trying so hard for a baby and I'm hoping this is it!


  • Should show on a test now hun id do one in morning and start taking your vitamins if you dont already the nipples are very common symptom and not everyone gets sickness this early but some do so all sounds good and once your past your period start date it should show on a clear blue too good luck hun all sounds positive tho xx

  • I have been taking folic acid prenatal vitamins since the start of June, when we started trying image would also like to add that I have a small tingling sensation in my left ovari. Is that a sign of some kind or??

  • Thats good then hun

     and it could be a sign hun i got tingles And cramps with my first but everyone is different so it could be a sign for you when you guna test annd duno if you can check with them being sore but first thing i noticed was my boobs were rock solid  xx
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