Seven seas trying for a baby tablets

hey guys new to this site. 

Came of the mini pill 21st June got my AF  a week ago started taking seven seas 2 weeks Ago just wondering if anyone has had any luck? and started feritily apps too am I reading too much in to this? 


  • Hi, I'm taking seven seas aswell. I've got about a week left of my first pack. I'm due af on Sunday. I've read that quite a few people have got pregnant whilst taking them so here's hoping! Good luck to you x

  • I've got about over a week left, read so many reviews on it about it working. I'm due my af on 22nd August so I'm really hoping it works! I don't know how to stop thinking about it plus living with a pregnant woman too! Hope you get some good news x

  • I've been taking them for 9 months, sadly hasn't had pregnancy as a side effect, sadly. However I have noticed that my nails are much stronger and don't break as often, so that is a positive!

  • I took seven seas a couple of months before trying for my first and fell pregnant thord month trying. and now I am on my second pack of seven seans and trying for the first month. i would like to think that the tablets did help me conceive previously and will help me this time around too! apart from taking seven seas, try using conceive plus too perhaps? I am a fan and have heard lots of good things about it on this site and elsewhere too. Good luck!

  • Hi Puddings. Thanks for that advice.

    I've looked into Conceive Plus. Not used a lubricant before so will look into it. 

  • Hi Phillisdsa, yes conceive plus is definitely worth a try. i get them from Amazon. They come in four variations: 75ml tube, 30ml tube, individual use applicator 3 pack and individual use applicator 8 pack. there are many reassuring reviews on amazon which may help you decide whether to give it a go. image

  • Hi Samile, we thought we'd just pop in and let you know of this long running Seven Seas threadwhich we thought might be of interest to you.

  • Samile it's all I think about too its hard not to!

    Phillisdsa sorry to hear you have been taking them so long and haven't got bfp.

    Puddings I have tried conceive plus was so excited after all the reviews on it but sadly wasn't for me. 

    Good luck to you all xx

  • Hi I'm new here I see yous have being trying to take seven seas trying for a baby well I have a 9months old daughter and it took me and my husband nearly 4years ttc her so I didn't want the same thing happen this time around took seven seas for about 1 week and today my bbf was 6days late so I decided to take a teat today and Yes it came back positive I Dont know if it was the tablets or it just happened but I would definitely say give them a try Good luck everyone 

  • Nicolaola that's such good news am currently on my first week off SS and hoping I get as good luck as you did. Trying to do everything right lol congrats 

  • Thank you so much jwat I really hope you get the result I did I was only on it 7days and my bbf was jue on the 29 of sep and no sign of them so I say I try a test today and it came back positive I was so happy.... Do you have any kids if you Dont mind me asking how long have you being TTC 

  • Here is my test I took today JWAT that's just my bbf 6days late and 7 days on SS. image

  • Aw that couldn't be anymore clearer. Bet you are so happy congrats it's an immense feEling that you just don't believe happy times ahead for you ☺ 

    I have a 4 year old boy only started trying again August being first month but we we where just going with the flow if it happened it happened which it didn't so read about these tabs and couldn't believe the reviews on it I know everyone is different but hope am like you and get it as quick x 

  • Hi everyone, I'm new here and I just found out this group chat and found it useful image I have been trying to conceive for almost a year now, been trying SS as well from the first time but I guess it's not my luck yet image I already had 2 children from my previous marriage, one boy 15 yrs,and a girl 10 Yrs, and now I want to have another baby with my husband now. We've been married for a 1,5 yrs now.  Every time my AF comes every month I feel so sad image wondering why this pregnancy planning so difficult compare to my previous one? We haven't been to GP yet to check ourselves as I thought we would try to conceive normally.. I'm 36 and my hubby is 35. Don't know what's wrong with me but I'm glad I found this chat so I could ease my burden image xx

  • Hello Iv been taking these tablets for a week now and just wondering how long it takes to get in to your system?  Does anyone know? 

  • So im seeing so many success stories and I'm trying my hardest not to get my hopes up! Only started them last week and beenTTC for just over 6 months now which I know isn't a lot but everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant and then there is me lol. One side effect I have noticed is feeling really sick which im trying not to trick myself it's morning sickness! Got all my fingers crossed I am as successful as everyone else on here and all the best to everyone trying out there :) 

  • Helo every one 

    I feel so sad 😭 I'm on seven seas traying for baby 👶 

    im on them now 7 weeks but still nothing feel like to give up 

    dose any one using them 


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