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Hi, I am trying to get pregnant and this morning I took a pregnancy test. When inpeed on the strip it turned red, I've never seen that before is it suppose to? The first test I did on Friday that never happened. Has anyone seen this before or was the test faulty? 


  • What type of test i.e. brand etc? and did it result in you not being able to read the result? Sounds faulty but sometimes its just the dye running through the test strip and after a minute or so it turns white and you are able to see the test and control lines/result

  • It was a clear blue test, I checked it again and thre is still no positive or negative reading on the test. Probably faulty :( 

  • Ahhh must be, sorry hun. Good luck with the next one. Maybe try a superdrug test, theyre cheaper (£3.50 each or two for £4.79) and have very good reviews on these boards!

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