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Dpo 13 AF due tomorrow

this is my first cycle so going on the average 28 days I should be due tomorrow I'm so nervous but this is my experience so far

i ovulated right on track bd most of the month tbh about dpo 7 had some ewcm just a little and cramping on my left side since then I've had a cold a constant head ache on and off light cramps and back ache and the past 3 days I'm moody as hell, amy way the day before AF I normally get bad cramps but not had one just some odd feelings on my left side my cp is high and slightly open cm is creamy slightly dry. I'm don't wanna test in case it says no but I don't know how long to wait it out I hate this not knowing 😫😫 

anyone experienced anythimg simular x


  • So af hasn't arrived yet today, as weird as this is I can normally smell when she's coming a good few says before but I don't have that smell is anyone else like me?

  • Symptoms of AF and early pregnancy can be quite similar which is annoying because we dont know whats going on, as your AF is now late the best way to find out would be to test. I understand how disappointing a neg test is though so you could try holding out a few more days. Sorry i couldnt help more but fingers crossed x

  • I'm going to test first thing tomorrow it is soooooooooo annoying 😓😓 xxx

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