First month of Ttc am I already ?

and my partner have recently been trying for a baby and I come of the pill about a month ago and come on my period two days after taking my pill like normal. We went on holiday and said we would start then After period so we started trying roughly the 9th/10th September and we had sex everyday till the 22nd and sometimes 3 times a day so we had sex about 21 times in that time frame on the 23rd in morning I realised a little pink blood on the Wednesday then it stopped all afternoon and night Thursday was tiny bit and stopped all night again and Friday tiny bit more blood bit more red and was so light I didnt have to change my pad but i thought this may be start of period Friday night was no blood either and Saturday no blood All day and night and today (Sunday) little bloody once when wiped pink  bit more cramps tho but nothing all day again my period Is usually very heavy and very bad cramps an constantly having to change my pad tmi sorry. I have had a missed miscarriage before and I never had symptoms so I'm not sure what my body  is doing i kinda realised last few days in car I get travel sick and also had bad stomach like constipated and need to go toilet tmi again sorry thinking I had eaten something funny it has been on and off and pins and needles in hands regularly for some reason help would be appreciated as I have never had normal pregnancy symptoms before thank you 


  • The only way to check for pregnancy is to take a test. The symptoms described could be a number of things and are not specific to pregnancy or otherwise sorry!

  • As said above the best way to tell is pregnancy test! i myself never had this but I have had friends that have had spotting like you which could be implantation bleeding, maybe the beginning of a little baby! 😍 Fingers and toes crossed for you! Xxx

  • Hello thank you for responses I would like to update everyone that I took a pregnancy test and I am pregnant :) happy couple 

  • Wow that was fast!  Congratulations to you both x

  • Yes was very fast and thank you :)

  • I can relate so much to this. This is my first month TTC. Period the 8th/13th October. Ive been getting pins and needles in my hands so much!! Sore boobs all the symptoms possible!

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