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Seven Seas Trying for a baby aswell as PCOS??

Hi Everyone,

Last month I got diagnosed with PCOS & I was devastated as me & my Fiance have recently decided to start ttc. I was advised by friends to buy Seven Seas tablets as they have worked for them.

I'm in my first month of taking them, but im not feeling very positive.

I'm always regular on my period and have no other symptoms on PCOS what so whatever. So i'm hoping its just mild!!

Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat & can offer some advice or support?? :) 


  • Hey i'm in the same boat how have you got on? X

  • hey im the same i just starting taking trying for a baby seven seas first month fingers crossed it helps my dh started wellman conception we are trying to conceive 5 years

  • just realised this is an old post lol only new here abit lost image

  • did anyone have success ? I've just started on sevenseas myself x 

  • Hi there, just wondered if you had any luck? In the same situation taken my first today 

  • Hello

    I just wanted to know if there are any success stories with this. I too suffer from and have been diagnosed with PCOS however I have had regular cycles for most of the year (31 days). I have been ttc since my 2nd miscarriage in Feb (my 1st one was at 20 wks in 2015). I've been taken inofolic and seven seas for this cycle and I am now 3 days late... I have taken several hpt all showing BFN.. I don't know what's happening! 

  • Hey all, I have heard good things about this vitamin but I’m sceptical as I too have PCOS with irregular periods. Currently on cycle day 116. Anyone had success?
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