ttc after depo injection

Hi ladys, just wanted to join this group to hear about other ladys storys as when your ttc you feel like the only one on the planet going through this...

Im 22 years old was on the depo injection (worst thing ive ever done) decided to try for another baby so as due another injection november 2014 but didnt go, periods arrived may 2015 and have been a little bit irregulat but not by much just a day or two. Because it will be a year next month i went to the doctors and had all my bloods took everything came back normal but another 4 days and ive to go back in for the 21 day test to see if im ovulation, really hoping this is the month i get my bfp been feeling really down lately, anyone in the same position as me or no what its like feel free to give me some advice xox


  • I dont think i will be of much help but am going through sort of the same thing i had my last injection in feb this year so i was due for another early may but did not coz i wanted it to clear of my system so i can TTC for #2 my periods havent come back yet and i got some advise to take birth control pills for about 3 cycles then see if it will kick- start my normal cycle so i am on pill#10 of the 1st pack. i have read horror stories of depo effects wishing you all the best

  • I had my last injection march 2014..took 7 months to get a period then they were sooo irregular from then on for another 8 months. I finally concieved in July this year.

    i took evening primrose oil and agnus castus to help regulate my periods.

    depo was the worst thing i ever did..conpleteky screwed my body up! 

    So all in all took 16 months to concieve. However i have heard if others whi concieve quite quick after stopping the injection. Everyones different i guess!

    good luck x

  • Hello,

    not or sure I will be of much help. I am in similar shoes. I had my last shot in June 2014. Only got my period back in January 2015. my oeri seem  have gone back to nor but still no signs of being pregnan. I am hoping  see my GP this week to  some tests and get some advice on how to conceive quickly.

    I am trying to remain positive and keeping the hope but would like to hear some success stories on this...

  • Hi ladies after taking my 10th BC pill after I told you I decided to stop because my hubby thought I am taking my body through so much so I stopped on the 15th of Oct then on the 19th of Oct I had little spotting which I assumed was withdrawal bleed but it couldn't have been much since I only had 10 pills fast forward to the 16th of Nov I wake up feeling sick nauseous and with a bad headache I decide to test n booom I got a BFP so with absolutely no period am pregnant about 5 weeks or so don't give up ladies

  • Hi Sheezy 

    Really excited for you.😍

    what birth control 'BC' pills were you taking?

  • The combined pill its called femiplan

  • Hello

    Well here I am 19months down the line after depo and the doctors aren't interested until it's been 2years. So got to wait until June this year! Great!

    So I'v had the depo before when I first start on contraception I had it for 5 years then came off it due to bones!!!!! So had the implant (Jan 09) then in june 10 I moved on to the pill due to  bleeding which I not had before while on the implant or depo. Then as I got married in June 12 I came of he pill in the Jan. I conceived straight away and had a beautiful girl in March 13. Then for some stupid reason lack of sleep and comments from midwife I decided to  back on contraception and I chose the depo why because it was easy and 1st time round I had no problems unfortunately I didn't realise how long it takes to come of it. I feel such a fool but I suppose I'm not the only one out there. Just so surprised that the nurse never said a word about it could take  to 2yrs to come of it I would of never gone back. So I suppose for those of you out there 3 1/2 years after I came of depo 1st time will the use of implant & pill I did conceive with  no problems I am currently taking Angus castus to try and get my periods back because with out it they are no where to be seen. Start feb 15 but was very on and off taking them so this year I sticking with them. The thing that gets me the most is I would love a little playmate for my little one, oh and of course other people's comments 'when are you having another 1'  that really gets me and of course everyone I know around me is having a baby this year too!!! So I suppose there is only me left! Hoping it happens at some point this year!!! Baby dust to you all x

  • I had my last depo injection in August 2015. No AF till September 2016 and still very irregular at about a 6 week cycle. Dr gave blood tests for FSH levels & LH levels unfortunately these came back abnormal. After an ultrasound & 2 transvaginal scans consultant advised I have a low ovarian reserve - gutted doesn't even cover it! Now I'm playing the waiting game till Easter for more tests to see if I am eligible for IVF. Hate to think this could be attributed to the Depo but before I had the injections I was 28 day regular. Has this happened to anybody else? 

    Many advice on how I could regulate periods or boost my fertility? 

    Sprinkling baby dust to you all..

  • Sorry AMH test not LH. Xx

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