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When did I concieve?

I would really like to know when I concieved!! we had sex on the 21st November then again on the 5th December ,. We had a early scan on the 23rd Dec & i was 5-6 weeks ,. I was due Aug 17th ,. Thanks in advance 😊 X 


  • If those are the only 2 dates you had unprotected sex that cycle, i would say its more likely you conceived on 21st nov x

  • Thankyou I thought that but wasn't 100% xx 

  • They date your pregnancy from your last period, so at 5-6 weeks pregnant you would have only conceived 3-4 weeks ago (if that makes sence!).

    But it all depends on how long your cycles are and when your period was etc.

    From your dates i would guess 21st x

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