BFP or not?? HELP ASAP!

hi i had a mmc 5 months ago and didn know until my 12 week scan so i am terrified (blighted ovum) of it happening again.

Since this happened my period varies from 28 to 31 days so i am not sure when i am due but my last period was on the 15th of october and lasted four days, about a week ago i noticed brown discharge when i wiped but cleared up later that day . i have sore heavy boobs , tired, pee more, sore lower back. and took four tests all came up with lines within 3 minutes but after what happened before i just need to know there is a line and its not in my head?? dont want to tell husband unless its a BFP

also i work carrying very heavy items 6-7 hours a day so if it is a bfp what do i do as i just started there last weekimage


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