3 faint positive pregnancy tests?


Im new.

I have a 7 month old and haven't prevented pregnancy since he was born. 3 days before AF was supposed to arrive I decided  to take a pregnancy test.for fun. The result was a frustrating faint positive. I took another(better) test and got the same result. Again..faint positive. That was yesterday. Today I took anotheer and got the same result.they are so faint I am starting to think im crazy. What do you guys think ?



  • image

    Pictures were taken within three minutes of taking test

  • Look positive to me!! :))

  • Thank you for your reply!

    I really hope i am pregnant. Three tests cant be wrong can it   ?

  • Definitely positive!!  Congrats :) 

  • Thank you.! My husband is not convinced. Neither of us wanna get our hopes to high

  • Please help mommies!

  • I'm going to say positive too as I can see a line, it's blue and came up within given time scale 😊 

  • Thank you!

    I really appreciate you answering.

    Have you ever had simething similar?

  • im going through the same thing right now! Iv taken 2 tests with very faint lines but took a clear blue electronic and it said I was pregnant 1-2 Weeks so maybe try this type of test :) hope all goes well!!

  • Congratulations!

    And thank you for youradvice :-)

    Unfortunately I dont have the money at the moment to get anymore tests,I wish I could get a digital one right now ! But I guess I have a few more days of suspense and frustration lol  im already picking.names and my husband is telling me to slow down lol 

  • How early did you test charlbayliss?

  • I would love some.more opinions!i

  • Update:

    Today im due for.AF and am feeling very crampy but also nauseous,tired & very emotional. 

    Im out of money so ill have to wait a week for another test. Im very stressed.

    Im still just waiting to start bleeding,im very paranoid and wondering if I could actually be pregnant!

    Im trying.to.convinve.myself 3 faint positivs can't lie

  • Ladies can you help. I did hpt and a red line was under the white paper bit, I has never seen this before so lifted the paper slightly (see below photo) however about 5 mins later the dye ran up and I got this (see 2nd photos) what u think? Has anyone seen this before? image

  • imageTest 5/10 mins later 

  • Update:

    With no sign of aunt flow,i bought one more cheapie pregnancy test from the drugstore.I got another faint positive,but since it was a dollar test,and I didnt use first morning urine,i believe my levels were just too diluted. But with 4 faint positives im ready to believe it:Im Pregnant! I will make an appointment and update you guys with any new info.

  • Results.came immediately,and my camera sucks,it is more pink in person

  • imageis this a faint positive I took one last week and it was kind of the same but a little lighter please help I'm going crazy 

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