Cerazette my story (possitive result)

hey guys,

ive seen a lot on here about coming off cerazette and the scare stories so I thought I'd share my experience as its a possitive one :)

so ive been on this pill for about 5 years now if not more I never got a period or had any problems with it, about 4 months ago me and my partner decided we wanted a baby so I stopped taking the pill, I had no bleeds until 29 days later a normal period lasted 4 days great! I then had 2 weeks and another longer lighter bleed lasted 2 weeks then I had 3 days of bleeding normally this completely confused me for where I was in my cycle! Every month I'm a nightmare symptom spotting cervix checking feeling like I'd never get my chance to be a mum each month feeling miserable and useless, so this month not know where I was in my cycle I just enjoyed the fun with my partner 29 days after my 3 day bleed I was expecting something, I was having a strange week my mind didn't seem to be with me I even scanned some things on the self service and didn't pay I didn't even realise until security said something this made me wonder if I was or not I left it another 4 day by this point I'm 3 days late I thought sod it I'll test and there I had it possitive I really wasn't expecting it 😊😊 good luck girlies hope this is a nice read for you all 


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