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imageimageimageAnyone I done a test then the line for positive apperd then after time disappeared I done another one had very faint line what does his mean ?


  • You could well be pregnant :) take another test in a few days try first response tests xx

  • Thankyou can u see the lines in in the 3rd photo then hun I can but wondering if it my eyes ? When shluld

    i test again in week ?

  • I don't think you need to wait a week. Just a couple of days then try again - when taking a photo try putting a ring or something similar in the picture with the test and it helps your camera to focus and produces a clearer picture :)

  • I see what u mean I will try again this weekend but can U see if the tests a faint line ? Our is this just me x

  • Okay so i my period suppose to last 7 days..i was light the first day seccond day heavy an light for few days..then had sex...alot of bleeding at one time then light the rest of the weekk...anyone have this experience.

  • imageTest was like this after 3minuets, what do you think?

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