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Your experiences with Internet cheapie

I'm 10dpo but could be 9 and I took an ic with fmu, put it down to make my DD breakfast went back 5 mins later and there was a really faint barely visible but there line. I've read the reviews and a lot of people were saying they had false positive and evaps before the 10 minutes so I'm a little sceptical that it's a bfp. I did another one after holding for an hour and that is stark white bfn so I'm assuming the first test is a positive right?

Anyway I'd love to hear other ladies experiences with the Internet cheapie ☺


  • The next one might have been negative because it wasn't strong enough urine.  Try again with Fmu, you are testing very early so don't get too disheartened 

  • All 3 of mine were bfp with Internet cheapies! 

    As long as you read the result within the time frame and any line that appears has colour to it then it's a valid result. A grey line is an evap X 

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