I have been TTC for about five months now but no luck just yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this month is my month.....sigh....image


  • Have you looked into natural supplements to help such as sperm friendly lubricants, Angus Cavtus, Cassanovum.  

    Mod you do ovulation testing and temping? 

  • Hi this is my first month trying to consive 

    I have done 4 ovulation tests 3 one step line ones and 1 clearblue advanced ovulation digital all positive cd 16 and 17 I dtd both nights what are my chances of consiving first month and I now have sore nipples and no cm unless I orgasm  tmi sorry 

    Thank you 

  • *bump*

    I'm aware this thread is fast approaching a year old but thought I'd ask how you are getting on hopeful4ababy?

    Are you on any fertility medication?

    I've recently found out that one 'baby aspirin' (75mg aspririn) a day can aid conception as promotes blood flow and a healthy uterus for implantation. Worth a shot! image

    I have pcos so trying my best to eat a lessential carbs and have also been drinking green tea and camomile instead of  fizzy drinks and coffee.

    Baby dust! image

  • Hi ThinkPositive.  

    I have been trying since August 2015 and am still trying.  I too have pcos, no cysts have been seen in scans but my hormones are a mess.  I was referred from my Doctor to the Gynecology team, who have done more tests on me and my Husband, I had a hsg which showed my tubes and all were fine.  The Doctors just tell me to lose weight all of the time. They won't do anything for my pcos nor will they aid conception until I hit ideal bmi.  My husband has a mild sperm factor but they have said this won't affect conception as it is mild. 

    ive totally changed my diet, i too changed to green tea, I'm trying to drink more water.  I changed from white bread to low Gi, from white pasta to brown pasta, white rice to a brown and white mix (hubby won't go all brown he hates it), white potatoes to sweet potatoes. I've cut the junk food.  Tried to walk more.  I lost about 10kg in 5 months the Doctor said. She said this was good and just told me to keep going and she will see me in a year.  

    I take 1 Agnus cactus daily, 2 choline &inositol daily and pregnancy multivitamins.  

    so basically I'm left to my own devices and trying to lose weight, I'm almost 32, time is not on my side.  Neither hubby nor I have any children 

  • My cycles have been all over the place, but I've ovulated the last 3 cycles, I've felt it and confirmed with opks, and my cycles have gotten shorter, I've just had a 29 day cycle and am starting a new one.  First time of a 20 something day cycle since the first 2 months trying to conceive 🎉🎊

  • And I had 2 chemical pregnancies at the start of our journey 

  • I understand your struggle Meme 210.

    I have taken my fertility into my own hands by using natural progesterone cream which had helped regulate my (normally) non existent period. 

    Other than prescribe Metformin 8 years ago the Dr refused to do much else until I lost weight. A lot of research later I realised that, although a healthy BMI is ideal for starting fertility drugs it is not essential. Being heavier does not cause complications as such but can hinder success rates of drugs such as Clomid. The stress of being told you are overweight just makes you more stressed TTC.

    I have now changed my diet mainly to help my insulin levels and hormones and got a private prescription of Clomid which I am now on day 4 of taking.

    Yes, I'm nervous taking fertility aids but I'm not getting any younger and this is my final hope as simply cannot afford IVF nor the mental effort to undergo it with my husband.

    I'm thankful my husband got tested years back and had healthy sperm. However eating a small handful of walnuts and cashews can help male sperm. As well as drinking pomegranate juice :)

    Oh and like yourself I am also taking vitamins in the hope my uterus is healthy if ovulatoon and implantation occurs.

    Sending lots of hugs and baby dust your way as I know how hard pcos and ttc is :)

  • I also meant to say that it's great news you are ovulating! I myself think I do not ovulate on my own .... so hence the clomid use.

    Fingers crossed I get a positive OPK this moth after round 1 of Clomid :)

  • thank you for writing back, it helps to know I'm not alone although I hate seeing others struggling with this too. I think wer going to give it until summer then look into what medical help we can get privately probably even abroad.  

    i read about progestrone cream but that you have to becareful how much is used.  

    I was going to ask for metformin this time but didn't bother as Ibe recently started taking the inositol.  Which I think has really helped, I've just upped my dose. 

    i did play with aspirin before but never got it quite worked out.  At what points in your cycle do you take The aspirin 

  • I'm sure it's basically every day going by new studies. The aspirin helps blood flow through full cycle.

    In terms of the progesterone cream it's all natural. The bottle pumps out exactly one measure and to apply it once in the morning and one at night. It also helps menopausal as progesterone deficient (as I am with pcos). 

    I hope you see results with your change of diet and do not need to go further afield. It's horrible we  you feel Dr is doing anything.

  • I think I will give the asprin a go, it can't hurt i don't think.  I will look into the progesteron.  

  • Hi everyone , good luck with ttc this month. I'm on my 4th cycle of ttc now, i know that's not long in terms of length of trying but I'm starting to find it quite hard now as Iv been desperate to conceive for the last 5 years but had to hold off trying until finances have improved. I'm 29 now and really wanted to get pregnant before 30.  I was just wondering what symptoms this of you with pcos have? Part of me wonders if I have it as I get some hairs on my chin which I have to pluck out but my cycles although quite long are regular. They tend to be around 35 days. Does pcos always mean you have irregular cycles? 

  • Pcos symptoms can vary greatly from woman to woman.  


    Some pcos sufferers are overweight but not all. 

    I guess it's possible to have regular periods and have have pcos. 

    you do not need all of the symptoms to be diagnosed with pcos, the same as I don't have cysts just the syndrome, however many suffers have the cysts.  Doctors use a variety of methods to diagnose pcos.  usually starting with a blood test and scans.   There are many other conditions that can also affect fertility such an thyroid problems, again a blood test is usually used To diagnosed.  

  • Thank-you that's really helpful and reassuring. I don't really have any of the other symptoms other than fatigue so maybe I'm OK. Il maybe give it a few more months then request some bloods if still no luck. It's hard sometimes with things like this to know what symptoms are likely to be linked to a real problem and which ones are normal and a part of life that everyone puts up with as in real life people don't tend to talk about things...that's why I think these forums are good as people are more open lol 

  • You could even have a vitamin deficiency if you suffer with fatigue. 

  • I take seven seas multi vitamins and Iv been to doctors a few times in the past as I have been anaemic but the last time I went (which was prob a year ago to be fair) I wasn't anaemic so i just put my fatigue down to the fact I work full time and have a busy life which I suppose is just a fact of life that I have to accept lol 

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